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Noona’s Noonchi’s Meet You in Korea Tour


From modern to traditional, meet Korea's rich history, culture, K-Dramas, K-Pop, and of course, the warmth of Jeong (정) that you can only experience in Korea with Noona's Noonchi

Noona’s Noonchi invites K-Culture lovers on a journey to learn more about Korean history, K-trends, K-Food, and K-Pop, as well as cultural experiences through visiting iconic sites and K-Drama locales. Noona’s Noonchi will also host a special K-Drama and mental health session and invite a guest speaker in the K-Content industry to address the group. This journey is a valuable touring experience and an opportunity to discover more about yourself.

Experience Traditional and Local Cultural Experiences and Activities

Tour Length

8 Days


7 Nights in Hotels


7 breakfast, 5 lunches, and 7 dinner


28-Passenger VIP Limousine Bus

Group Size

Maximum 20


Noona's Noonchi Team + Local Tour Guide + Tour Manager

An Overview & Highlights of the 2023 Inaugural
Meet You In Korea Tour

2024 Itinerary Coming Soon!



Iconic Landmarks and Top Attractions: 
Hongdae Street, Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwangjang Market, Namsan Tower, Itaewon, Sewoon Shopping Center, Cheonggyecheon Stream, and more.

Featured K-Dramas: 
Goblin, My Mister, Hotel del Luna, Itaewon Class, My Liberation Notes, Reply 1994, Reply 1998, Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love From Another Star, Boys Over Flowers, and more

Activities: Eating local cuisine and popular street food, K-Beauty Experience, K-Pop & K-Drama Experience, and Norebang*

ℹ️ Norebang is karaoke in Korean

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 



Historical Sites and Contemporary Culture: 
Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, Woo Young-woo Kimbap Restaurant, and Haenggung-dong Street

Featured K-Dramas: 
Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Our Beloved Summer, The Sun and Love in the Moonlight, The Princess’ Man, and more

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 



The Mecca of Newtro (Trends of the Modern and Retro Era): 
Sunshine Studio 

Featured K-Dramas:  Mr. Sunshine, Pachinko, Tale of the Nine-Tailed

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 



Cultural Heritage and Traditional Architecture: 
Jeonju Hanok Village, Jeonju Hyanggyo, Gyeonggijeon, and more

Featured K-Dramas:  Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Under the Queen's Umbrella, The King's Affection, The Red Sleeve, Love in the Moonlight, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and more

Activities: Make Your Own Bibimbap*, Hanbok* Experience, and Gamaek* Experience.

ℹ️ Bibimbap is a Korean traditional rice dish mixed with vegetables and meat. It originated in Jeonju
ℹ️ Hanbok is a Korean traditional dress 
ℹ️ Gamaek is the unique beer culture of Jeonju

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 



Village and Rural Living:
Cheongha Market, Sabang Memorial Park, Guryongpo Japanese House Street, and more

Featured K-Dramas: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Destined With You, and When the Camellia Blooms

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 



Major Port City with Artistic Attractions:
Haeundae Cinema Street, Busan-si Yeolrinhangsajang, Gamcheon Culture Village, Gukje Market, MAGNATE*, Dongre Milmyeon*, Commodore Hotel, and more.

Featured K-Dramas: Reborn Rich, The King: Eternal Monarch, Fight for My Way, Ode to My Father, and Now, We Are Breaking Up

ℹ️  MAGNATE is the cafe owned by BTS Jimin's dad
ℹ️  Dongre Milmyeon is among BTS RM's favorite restaurants 

^ The itinerary shown above is from 2023 Inaugural Meet You In Korea Tour. 

Noona's Noonchi - Korea Tour photos (1)
Noona's Noonchi - Korea Tour photos (1)

What's Included

Subject to change.

What's Not Included

Learn about Korean culture, history, and trends


April Tour 1 - April 2-9, 2024

Spring forward with cherry blossoms! What better way to launch our 2024 multi-city tours at the start of the peak season! We can’t think of a better way to get a spring back into our step after the winter. A true K-Drama experience includes being blanketed by cherry blossoms as we enjoy the beauty of historic and cultural sites.

April Tour 2 - April 16-23, 2024

Spring flowers are simply magical! Spring is in full bloom which means Korea’s filled with vibrant colors that make for beautiful aesthetics, boosting our mood. Feel the warmth of spring fever as we tour historic and cultural places around the country, getting all the romantic feels like a K-Drama offers.

June Tour - June 18-25, 2024

Sizzle into the start of summer with our only K-Drama tour offered during this season. Celebrate the carefree dog days of summer by gallivanting around S. Korea visiting your favorite K-Drama filming locales and historic sites.

September Tour - Sep 24-Oct 1, 2024

With the dog days of summer behind us, what better way to appreciate the change of seasons than with a K-Drama tour. Frolic into fall savoring the post- Chuseok festivities around S. Korea, visiting iconic K-Drama sites and historic landmarks that you’ve been enjoying in our K-Dramas.

October Tour 1 - Oct 10-17, 2024

This is one of the best times of the year to visit S. Korea, what with the leaves changing and cooler temperatures. Enjoy soaking in the Autumn colors as we roam around the country visiting K-Drama locales to historical places that you have loved watching in our favorite K-Dramas.

October Tour 2 - Oct 24-31, 2024

Fall foliage is in full swing so it’s time for a fiesta around S. Korea. With the backdrop of Autumn’s glorious colors, experience first-hand the beauty of your favorite K-Drama filming locations and iconic landmarks. You’ll be swept off your feet like a K-Drama romance, savoring the aesthetics of a colorful South Korean fall season.

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