Meet You In Korea – June Tour

$3,750 - $4,750

Depending on occupancy

Meet You In Korea – June 18-25

Summer loving’ had me a blast! Sizzle into the start of summer with our only K-Drama tour offered during this season. Celebrate the carefree dog days of summer by gallivanting around S. Korea visiting your favorite K-Drama filming locales and historic sites.

Noona’s Noonchi invites K-Culture lovers on a journey to learn more about Korean history, K-trends, K-Food, and K-Pop, as well as cultural experiences through visiting iconic sites and K-Drama locales. Noona’s Noonchi will also host a special K-Drama and mental health session and invite a guest speaker in the K-Content industry to address the group. This journey is not only a valuable touring experience but also an opportunity to discover more about yourself.
NOTE: In the event of a tour is sold out, we kindly invite you to join our waitlist. You can sign up for the waitlist by visiting our waitlist page at

Meet You In Korea – June Tour


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What's the difference between Single Occupancy and Double Occupancy?

Single Occupancy means that only one person will be staying in the room. The rate is based on one individual’s use of the room, and no additional guests are expected.

Double Occupancy means that two people will be sharing the room. Please note that our policy does not involve arranging or assigning roommates for individual travelers. Double Occupancy is for family or friends wanting to share a room, and each tour participant must purchase a tour package. 


I am a single traveler. Do I share a room with someone?

No. As a single traveler, you will have to book a single occupancy tour package. We do not arrange or assign roommates for individual travelers. 

How do I make a reservation for two people sharing one room?

You each book the double occupancy rate.  Rates are per person. Please make a single payment for both guests at checkout. 

If I am traveling with a friend can we share a room?

Yes. Once payments are made, please email with the following details: Your names, email addresses, tour dates, and your intention to share a room. Upon receiving your email, we will assign you and your friend to the same room.